Motzie reported AWOL

So, I realise it has been a horrendously long time since I have posted anything. There could be any number of reasons for this; school, extra-curricular commitments, work, family circumstances, social life eruption – but the truth is I have really just been lazy, and suffering from a rather crippling condition known as Writer’s Block.

I was thinking, then, about what I should blog about next.  And that got me wondering about why I created this blog in the first place. Why does Motzie exist? What sort of image should she have?  What do I want to write about? Who am I writing for?  When will I stop asking questions and start answering some? Now.

To begin with, I don’t want Motzie to simply become an elaborate outlet for my complaints, and I realise one or two of my posts have been a tad negative.  Whilst I can not promise that the occasional rant will not make it’s way onto the web, I will try to focus more on the positives in my life.  I would write about my random observations of the world, but I question whether I see anything of any particular interest in my day-to-day life (or at least view it in an interesting way).  So I suppose as far as content goes, I shall simply have to continue as I have so far – just writing when inspiration hits me – and hope it doesn’t come too infrequently.

But who am I writing for?  Clearly not for my nearest and dearest – I have chosen not to associate Motzie with my Facebook profile or even use my real name.  But I do feel the need to write something that could, in some mindset, be construed as entertaining or enlightening.  So this means that, unless I am planning on blanking the writing process from my memory so I can enjoy reading my own blog as an oblivious and impartial outsider, I must be expecting some sort of audience.  But who is that?  My agemates?  No, I’m happy not to limit it to that.  People with similar interests?  Maybe, but my posts thus far haven’t exactly followed a theme.  The truth is, I really have no idea.  In all honesty, I would simply be happy to know someone is reading this – anyone at all.

The idea of writing for an audience comes with a catch though, I’ve discovered.  I find myself critiquing my writing, thinking “Ooh, what will people think of that comment?” or “Does that dismal attempt at a joke even make sense?”.  And I’ve realised that I am assuming someone is reading this, and minorly changing what I have to say as a result.  But should I be writing for others, or just for myself?  Does Motzie need to have any other purpose than the simple fact that I enjoy getting my thoughts down on paper (or, up on the screen)?  I’m not so sure about that yet.

So why does Motzie exist and what sort of image do I want her to have?  That’s marginally easier to answer.  Motzie is helping me, in a small way, to foster a positive online presence.  She is providing me with an outlet for my miscellaneous bursts of writing.  She is a productive way to curb my procrastination.  I would like Motzie to be able to be described with words such as ‘witty’ and ‘insightful’ and ‘entertaining’ and ‘thought-provoking’.  Okay, I’ll work on it……

I know this hasn’t been the most enthralling post, but it has been mildly helpful for me (and I won’t deny it makes me feel rather virtuous to be back on the bloggin bandwagon).  All I know is that I will continue to write as Motzie, hopefully on a more regular basis than I have done thus far, but rather than tie myself down with labels or themes or specialty topics, I will just try to write what I think.  I suppose that’s the most anyone can ask.


5 thoughts on “Motzie reported AWOL

  1. “Agemates.” I like that word. I don’t know if it’s a kudos to your creativity or just something you say in the down under but it’s neat.

    Speaking of your audience, I remember reading someone’s take on critics. (They’ll have to go uncredited because I forget who it was.) They said ignore your fans as well as those who don’t like your work. Your fans won’t want you to change and I guess you’ll then be scared to evolve. Thought you would find that helpful. Also, don’t be surprised if this second paragraph gets regurgitated on one of my posts soon. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I guess will be cross posting on my blog and this comments section 😮

    1. Thanks for that Tiff!
      Well, I don’t know if it’s an Aussie thing but I’m fairly sure I didn’t invent it!

      As for audiences, I’ve never heard that before but it actually makes a lot of sense. I look forward to reading about it again on your own blog sometime 🙂

      Thanks for the comment/feedback!

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