The Little People

As part of my leadership role at school, I was recently required to organise a Trivia Night with five other leaders.  Being a fundraising event, all the prizes had to be donated and all time devoted to its organisation had to be volunteered.  Along with one other friend of mine, I took partial control of preparations and proceedings, and whilst I had a really good time sorting things out and making sure everything on the evening ran according to plan, I was slightly annoyed by some people who didn’t seem to appreciate the amount of work the night entailed.

Now, I in no way wanted to spoil the evening for the 130 guests, but I couldn’t help but take to heart the occasional smug grin or sarcastic comment if something didn’t go entirely to plan.  I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see how hard we were trying and just let things slide. I felt that in some ways, my hard work was being taken for granted. And I found myself wondering; ‘Are there people in my everyday life who I take for granted like this?’

So I just thought I’d acknowledge two such people (of many) who, in their own small way, make my day-to-day routine that little bit brighter.

The School Captain

Our College Captain is a girl who I have had limited contact with up until this year.  Now we have a connection due to the fact that we are both leaders, but don’t really associate with the same friendship groups or even have any classes together.  This doesn’t prevent us, however, from having a daily encounter before school. Almost every morning, as I arrive at my locker and start unpacking my books, she walks past and greets me as if we are old friends. She being a rather eccentric personality, these niceties are often accompanied with an odd comment or compliment, my favourite so far being “Your fringe is looking majestic today”.  Neither of us expect a deep and meaningful conversation or even an exchange that lasts much longer than thirty seconds, but nevertheless it is an experience I look forward to in the mornings.

The Button Lady

Nicknamed this by some friends of mine because she is ‘as cute as a button’, the Button Lady is a newer member of staff whose name I am yet to hear.  She has a thick accent of some description (my uneducated guess indicates something European – a revelation, I know) but rarely speaks enough to indicate this, and my only knowledge of her role at the school is that it is something administrative.  Regardless, she seems to be everywhere at once; first in her office, then in that of a Year Level Coordinator, then in search of a student who hasn’t turned up to class, then photocopying curriculum guides.  But where ever she may be, her face always carries the same warm, serene smile. She flashes this smile at me every time I pass her in the corridoor, despite the fact that we have never had any direct contact, and this encounter sends me on my merry way, ready to relay the smile on the next unsuspecting passer-by.

These sorts of experiences may not permanently effect my character or the course of my life, but they do succeed in brightening it, albeit slightly.

Let’s see if anyone’s actually reading this – do you have anyone like this in your life?


One thought on “The Little People

  1. i think too often we even take those closest to us for granted.
    we even just take what others do around us that we don’t see for granted. we are in such a lucky and privileged society that we are constantly taking for granted. but yer we take wayyy to much for granted; people, actions, things life.
    rambling again 🙂

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