Metaphorically Speaking

Whilst cleaning out the bookshelf in my study this afternoon, I came across a piece of homework from Literature in Year 10. As it is the beginning of 2011, this piece is about three years old. The task was to create a piece of writing that described ourselves in a metaphor.

Aside from seeing how my writing has developed through the last few years, it was interesting in reading this piece to see how I viewed myself back then. Here’s what I wrote:

I am an author’s first novel.  A trial, a test, a mix-matched collection of ideas that only occasionally line up in a way that makes sense to anyone brave enough to read it.  Disliked by some for being a bit out of the ordinary, but rewarding for those who take the time to read on.  Often difficult to understand and sometimes completely nonsensical to everyone but the author themself.  The book’s cover is not very distinguishable, in all honesty is quite ordinary compared to some of teh flash, coloured editions that are given pride of place on the bookshop shelves.  It once had a place amongst the new releases, but when they were having their moments of fame it was gradually pushed into the background.  Now it is set amongst the others that failed to sell, hoping that someone will come along and find it by chance.  It is classified under ‘Miscellaneous’ with a small group of others that weren’t able to be identified properly.  It is not a Drama, nor a Comedy, a Romance or a Thriller, but is a mixture of all the genres you can think of.  It is comfortable on its shelf but is never going to be a best seller.

So I suppose the challenge now is to update my metaphor; write a new one or edit this one. Something to think about.

(PS. Is anyone reading this? Do you think you could describe yourself in metaphor? It’s harder than it sounds.)


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