Have some time to kill?

So, I’ve decided to write about a couple of my online obsessions. They are not exactly unknown treasures or small discoveries of mine but I can recommend them as highly entertaining and capable of producing genuine ‘laugh out loud’ moments.

Urban Dictionary

I googled ‘motzie’ to see how far up on the search results this blog appears and found the Urban Dictionary search for the word ‘motzie’. For those who don’t know, Urban Dictionary is a dictionary/encyclopaedia of sorts that is created in a similar way to Wikipedia, in that anyone can contribute definitions to words. Except there is not quite as much fact as opinion behind the definitions.

For example, if you look up the word ‘teacher’, you get several entries – the first being the folowing:

A person who cares enough about abusive and ungrateful teens to work for crappy pay and long hours while hoping someday students mature enough to realize how lucky they are to have someone who gives a shit about them.

I could spend hours on this site due to the sheer stupidity of some of the contributions. There is surprisingly one entry for the word ‘motzie’:

A general postive word

So that can’t be too bad either! One of the more entertaining things you can do is to look up names. When searching my name, you get ten different entries. Here are a few of the ways that people have defined my name.

She is innocent but in a good way, she’s immature but it’s cute, and it’s easy to make her laugh because she’s a fun person.

She’s the friend everyone wishes they had. You want to be her, you want to be with her. She’s trustworthy, she’s funny, she’s kind, she’s just down right perfect.

So clearly if you’re lucky, reading Urban Dictionary can give you quite a big head. But regardless of what you are looking up, it provides much entertainment.

My Life Is Average

To understand this brilliant site, you must first be aware of the site ‘FML: F***  My Life’. FML was a huge fad about a year ago. The whole premise of this site is that people anonymously post short gripes from their day, always ending in ‘FML’. For example, people make comments such as; “Not only was I running late but I fell and twisted my ankle running for the bus. FML” and other such intelligent posts.

As a spin-off from this, the site ‘MLIA: My Life Is Average’ emerged. On this webpage, people again post anonymous comments about their day (although they are often fictional), but they celebrate the little moments in life that are heartwarming or just plain mundane. But my lord, if I go onto this site I have to be sure to leave myself at least half an hour to browse because I find it so addictive, and some are so funny they quite literally have me in tears of laughter. The simple attempt to find one to post here took much longer than necessary, but here is an example of the gold that can be found on MLIA:

Yesterday, I pulled a prank on myself. How? Well, usually when I wake up in the morning, I roll off my bed. So, I layed sheets of bubblewrap all over the ground so that when I get up, I would pop a bunch and wake up immediately. Well, today I woke up and was late to class. Why? I spent two hours popping bubblewrap. MLIA.


Enough said.

Theatre People

This one is a little less pointless, but equally as entertaining to me. Theatre People is a website that focusses on the Victorian theatre scene. There are reviews, previews, feature articles and promotions for shows, production photos etc etc etc – but the section I check daily (and often multiple times a day) is the audition notices, looking out for a show to try out for.

So, I realise this post has also been rather pointless, but if you find yourself in possession of a few spare moments, I can assure you any of the sites above will steal that free time with great ease, and provide much entertainment.


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