On being in the spotlight

I have recently come across a site called Plinky Prompts. On this site, a new writing prompt is posted daily, and anyone can post their response to it for all to see. I have answered a few recently and I am going to post a few here.

Prompt: Have you ever been on stage?

I have been on stage multiple times, and I adore it. I am currently 18 years old, but I made my ‘stage debut’ as such when I was 10. After attending a performance by a children’s theatre group in which some friends of the family were performing, I decided musical theatre looked like a lot of fun and so went along the next year to auditions for their second show, Annie. With no vocal or dramatic training and zero stage experience, I was given the title role of Annie.
The few months of rehearsals and two performances were some of the greatest times of my life so far, and the whole experience was so rewarding that I have gone on to perform in four other musicals since then – my roles including the Genie in Aladdin and an ensemble nun in a fantastic production of The Sound of Music.

The thing I love the most about the atmosphere of the stage is the people. Theatre people are some of the most wonderful you will ever come across. Often eccentric, they are always outgoing and welcoming, and can be counted on for a good time. An experience like a theatre production is enough to make you lifelong friends, and it is this fact, along with the sense of self-confidence it brings and the opportunity to build new skills, that makes me love the stage.


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