From the mouths of babes

Credit to Plinky Prompts

Prompt: Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

I am only 18, so the likelihood of my starting my own business is fairly low. I can however, recall a phase I went through when I was about 14, when a friend and I decided we were going to start a local dog walking business. Both being animal lovers who had experience with caring for dogs and considering ourselves responsible and reliable people, we set about planning our enterprise.
Firstly, we set our boundaries. My house backs onto a public park, so we decided it should be headquarters. We would deliver advertising to houses in my local area. We drew up our rules – how many dogs we would have at a time, how long a walk would last, how much we would charge, what hours we would work.
Then we moved on to advertising. My friend being a bit of an artist, she drew up a gorgeous picture of a cartoon dog, and I used my technology skills to create this into a rather professional-looking (if we did say so ourselves) flyer. Colourful and appealing but still conveying all the information we needed clearly. Everything was set.
One flaw? Parental permission. Here’s some advice to all those young entrepreneurs out there – ask your parents before you go into planning.



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