Day Five – Your Favourite Quote

Goodness, I wasn’t expecting to have so much difficulty with choosing my subjects!! Again, there are so many I could choose from – something inspirational, something funny, something that rings a bell with me, something from a favourite movie or comedian.

So I have partially decided to go with that last option. Every year, the Year 12s are asked to provide a quote each that would accompany our photos in the Yearbook. So when you look through the Class of 2010 pictures, my face appears above the caption “And now for something completely different”. You may or may not have noticed that it is also the subtitle in the header of this blog.

It’s not exactly an unusual phrase, but I know this as a quote from the one and only Monty Python. Choosing not to bother with segues, the Python team change between sketches in some of their shows just with this sentence, often spoken by a straight-faced John Cleese from behind a desk.

I don’t really know why I like this quote so much. When I submitted it to the Yearbook, I liked that it was so ambiguous. Not only did it make reference to Python, which I love, but to those who didn’t recognise it, it could mean anything. It hinted at the end of Year 12, the beginning of Uni and a new stage in my life. It suggests an absolute change in situation, something that excites me greatly.

But there is also the idea that something ‘completely different’ is something out of the ordinary or spontaneous. And this is also a concept I really enjoy. I used this quote in the header of my blog for this reason as well, in the hope that Motzie was a bit unique too.

I realize this isn’t my longest post ever, and now I face the dilemma of finding the ever-elusive ending to a blog entry. Oh well, in for the penny, in for the pound.

And now for something completely different.


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