Day Seven – A photo that makes you happy

Alright, first and foremost – yes, I did miss yesterday’s post. Conveniently, it was probably the best one to miss because it was a ‘day off’ of sorts. The topic was ‘Whatever tickles your fancy’, so it would have been some incoherent babble anyway. The arrival of the weekend and with it some guests prevented me from writing, although I realise this probably isn’t a valid excuse so I will just move on.

Today begins a series of topics centred around photos. So, a photo that makes me happy. There are so many I could choose from because they inspire such great memories and flashbacks, feature people who mean a lot ot me or are just simply very beautiful pictures.

In the interests of privacy, I have decided to go with a combination of the first and the last options and choose a picture that doesn’t actually feature myself or anyone I know. And despite having hundreds to choose from, this is the photo I have chosen.

This photo was taken at the end of last year at Phillip Island, Victoria. Myself and nine friends went away after VCE and stayed in a house together in Cowes. One particular night, a few of us were up until 4.30am talking and, deciding that we were not in the mood for sleep, opted to ‘pull an all-nighter’. We got up, had something to eat and watched a movie; and then at about 7.30 in the morning we went for a walk to the beach. Being sunrise, the beach was deserted and the shadows on the sand were very long. We lay on the sand for a while and wandered around, before walking back to the house, grabbing some bread and Nutella and walking back to the beach for a picnic breakfast at about 9am.

This photo is not only beautiful, but it reminds me of a wonderfully calm, peaceful morning I spent in the company of some of my best friends, and for this reason, this photo makes me happy.


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