Day Eight – A Photo That Makes You Angry Or Sad

Today I’m looking to the news for (for want of a better word) inspiration. As you would know, Japan is facing disaster at the moment, following an earthquake which triggered an enormous tsunami. So many images have been flashed across the media in the last few days that have made me sad. The incredible human toll, the devastation left in the wave’s wake and the repercussions relating to the nuclear plant explosions and the inevitable clean up attempts – all these factors make this such a heartbreaking event.

Photo sourced from ABC News Online

They say a picture says a a thousand words, and that is probably fortunate in this case because these pictures have left me speechless. The sheer magnitude of the damage – entire towns literally wiped off the map, buildings completely destroyed – is astonishing. Amazingly, despite the huge volume of water, some of the buildings are on fire, and gigantic infernos float along at great pace.

This photo is particularly gut wrenching because the buildings it shows are clearly houses. These are people's homes, and they have been torn from their places and washed away. People's entire lives are washed away in an instant as their homes and all their possessions are carried off by the torrent of water.

To think that such a disaster could happen so suddenly, yet leave such devastating effects, makes me incredibly sad. My thoughts go out to everyone effected by the events on Japan, whether directly or indirectly. Now we hold our collective breath and hope that the onslaught ends soon.



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