Day Nine – A Photo You Took

Despite never having any proper experience or training with it, I am quite a fan of photography. I love to experiment with the way scenes are set up and playing around with different subject matter. As a result of this, I have hundreds of photos taken by me to choose from, but again I have opted to leave myself and the people I know out of it and go for a more abstract picture.

I took this picture about five years ago around Easter (which in Australia occurs during Autumn). My family decided to be ‘tourists in our own city’ for a change and stayed in the Melbourne CBD for a weekend, and on one of our many walks around exploring the wonderful city that is Melbourne, I spotted this tree.

Even though Autumn was in full swing, there was an entire section of this park in which the trees were either evergreen or hadn’t yet lost their leaves. Then in the foreground of my view, slightly separated from the rest of the trees, was this single one that was starting to change colour.

I quite enjoy (and pride myself on my ability in) picking out the unusual in an otherwise plain situation. And this tree appealed to me because it was so unique for its surroundings. So, quickly grabbing my camera, I snapped a photo of it. It hasn’t even been edited at all – the colour contrast you can see was exactly how it appeared on that day.

I suppose the main thing that I like about this picture is the individuality and uniqueness of the subject matter. Put simply, I like this tree because it’s different. I think we could all stand to take note of and appreciate the unusual every now and then.


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