Day Twelve – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

So today is another ‘free day’ on the blogging challenge so I’m going to do something a little bit different. This is a poem I wrote a while ago about my grandmother and, having just finished a portrait of her this afternoon, I thought I could combine the two for my Day Twelve post.

My Grandmother – ‘Grammy’

My grandma’s eyes, though getting poorly,
See the world in all its glory.
Colourful garden, drop of rain,
A sunbeam on a window pane.

My grandma’s hands, though getting frail,
Command a pen to tell a tale.
Words becoming poetry,
A literary symphony.

My grandma’s mind, though sometimes muddled,
Makes a picture of any puzzle.
A word of wisdom, guiding hand,
Helps me to better understand.

My grandma’s heart, worn on her sleeve,
Gives me the courage to believe.
A loving word, a quick embrace,
A smile that lights up her whole face.

My grandma’s soul, a priceless treasure,
A thing of beauty beyond measure.
My own grandma, though growing old,
A woman worth her weight in gold.


One thought on “Day Twelve – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

  1. Just beautiful! Savour her as I know you do! I had my gorgeous Granny until I was 21- I remember her so well but still wish I could go back and ask questions! I didn’t think of it then but maybe that’s the way it should be…savouring the present.I have her beautiful autograph book which is a work of art…she has written in it a beautiful love song, copied out note by note, word by word in perfect script. Why? More time than us? Who was it for? It shows me that we are all the same…my Granny born in 1888 was once a young girl dreaming of first love and the perfect partner!!!

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