Day Eighteen – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

So, one more post and I’m up to speed with the challenge. And today is another day off. So what am I going to write about? Well, I’d like to offer a simple comparison.

‘My First Day of School’ – as dictated to my mother some time near the beginning of 1998(I will paraphrase for the interest’s sake)
On my first day of school I met a new friend called Charlie. Stephanie did not want her mother to leave and I was very nice to her. I learnt a new song and after a little while I had play lunch and after some play, the bell rang and we had to line up. After the teachers had talked, Miss G (that’s my teacher) told us we could go inside. …Monday will be my third day. I don’t go to school on Saturday and Sunday because that’s my holiday from school. …Sometimes one of the boys at my school is a little bit naughty and today he was yelling out and did not put his hand up. ..The thing I like best about school is playing on the playground and talking. I had thought that I did not want to go to school but now I think it is fantastic and the best place I have ever been.

My First Day of University
On my first day of Uni I met lots of new people, in each of my lectures and tutorials, many of whom being people I saw by themselves and just approached and started conversation. It didn’t take long for us to be launched into new content, new information, new skills, new ideas, new terms. When my first lecture finished I left the lecture theatre and met with some friends for coffee. Then, we all went our separate ways and filed into our next tutes and lectures. I am only at Uni from Monday to Wednesday, so I get Thursdays and Fridays off. In one of my first lectures, a few people were taken aback by one student who didn’t seem to understand the generally accepted behaviour of listening politely, and proceeded to call out answers to rhetorical questions and basically input his opinion without being asked.
The best things about Uni are the fact that I am studying exactly what I want to do – so the content is really interesting to me; and my new-found freedom and flexible timing. I had been a little daunted about starting on such a new journey but now I realise I am in a great place in my life, and I am excited to see where it takes me.

So, nothing much has changed in thirteen years, has it?


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