Day Twenty – A Hobby of Yours

Hmm, well my biggest hobby has now already been covered in yesterday’s post, so I’m a little stumped today! As you may notice from Day Twelve’s post however, is that I quite enjoy drawing.

I don’t claim to have any amazing artistic talent. I have very little creative skill – that is, I can’t just make up an image. I can however, on occasion, copy or replicate pictures quite accurately. So drawing portraits from photographs has become a bit of a hobby recently.

I’ve learnt from experiences though to use photos from the internet more than personal photos, because although I can use shading and often get facial features fairly accurate, my portraits often end up looking similar to the original face but somehow slightly different. This is what prompted my mother to refer to the portrait of my grandmother as ‘creepy’ – because she knew the photo I was trying to replicate and it didn’t quite have a perfect resemblance to the original.

I don’t have the same motivation and dedication as some people I know who are artists either. I don’t bother with the ‘grid method’ and I don’t spend hour upon hour perfecting my pictures. Two hours, maximum. Drawn freehand. Today’s post is about a hobby, and that’s exactly what drawing is for me. Just a way to pass the time. I don’t take it too seriously.

So I realise this has been a very short post, but I’ll end it with my most recent picture, which I finised yesterday afternoon. Again, it’s not a perfect copy of the original photo and it’s not the best I’ve done, but it’s not too bad.


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