Day Twenty Three – A YouTube Video

This is yet another topic for which I have hundreds of ideas, but unfortunately I must choose only one to write about. So again I’m going to cheat, and instead I’m going to mention two videos – one serious and one light-hearted.

On a more serious note, the following is a video I was linked to a couple of years ago. It is an original song by an Australian singer-songwriter named Jess Chalker, and I fell in love with it the second I heard it. I am a huge fan of music (as many of my previous posts would suggest), but of all the songs I have ever heard, I think this one has some of the most beautiful lyrics.

People with this kind of lyrical talent simply blow me away, and I really think the words to this song are so incredibly sweet. In fact, they have been printed out and stuck to the wall next to me, here in my study, ever since I first heard it.

“You and me,”
Said the raindrop to the seed
“We’ll make a winning team won’t we?
When I fall down
You’ll become a pretty flower
And I’ll be finally free
From the shackles of this cloud

And the sun will shine
And we’ll make the most of life
Come, we haven’t got much time
As all living things must die
But I will nurture you
‘Til your petals turn to white
And you will hold me close
Until the last drop of me dries”

You and me
We have each other
And that’s all we need
The place I’ll call my home
Is anywhere that you will be
You and me
(should be) MAY never make a mark on the shape of history
But I’m glad you came to make your mark on me

So darling when I lie down
I hope you’ll be around
To lay your roses down over me
‘Cause I’d never keep
To watch you fall asleep
I wouldn’t last the day
Without you standing next to me

Through a satellite lens
We are just a tiny speck
Oh, of little consequence
In the greater scheme of things
But from down here
In our private little sphere
The colours are in focus
And the picture’s crystal clear

‘You and me
We’ve got each other
And that’s all we need
The place I’ll call my home
Is anywhere that you will be
You and me
(should be) MAY never make a mark on the shape of history
But I’m glad you came to make your mark on me

Yeah I’m glad you came to make your mark on me.

And now for something completely different. There is one video that has appeared of late that is, I believe, the epitome of what YouTube is. An example of a viral sensation, a clear message that talent is not required to become a star via YouTube. I am, of course, speaking of Rebecca Black.

Rebecca Black is a thirteen year old American girl who, thanks to Los Angeles label ‘Ark Music Factory’ and a handy two-thousand-dollar contribution from Mommy and Daddy, recorded and made a video for the song ‘Friday’. She became an overnight viral sensation, and is currently sitting at just over 94 million hits on YouTube.

She is also single-handedly destroying the cliché; ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’. When the video hit the web, it was bombarded with comments and let’s just say, she wasn’t getting much support. ‘Friday’ has been referred to as “the worst song ever” amongst millions of other less savoury titles, and she has even received personal abuse for having a terrible singing voice.

Videos of her singing acapella show that she is not totally without talent, but an unfortunate autotune overdose on the part of Ark Music Factory has lead to a song that sounds like it was sung by a cross between a chipmunk and C-3PO. Underwater. With a cold. Whilst strangling a cat.

Whilst it almost kills me to do so, I am going to link the video here. Don’t judge me for having it on my page.


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