Day Twenty Five – Your Day, In Great Detail

So, I have no idea if this will be at all interesting, but it’s what the blogging challenge has decreed…

Monday, 9th May 2011

My day begins at 8.00am, when my alarm goes off to wake me. Despite not having to be at Uni until 10.00, earlier starts have become a bit of a routine for me, as part of an initiative to be more active and productive. Unfortunately on this particular Monday morning, following a tiring weekend, my supply of motivation seems to be somewhat lacking, so I don’t actually make it out of bed until 8.20. Regardless, I dress and head downstairs to the study I share with my sister. I set up the treadmill in front of the computer and go for a walk/jog/run whilst watching TV on the computer. My delayed rising means I have to cut my exercise slightly shorter than usual, but at least now I am fully awake and raring to go. Breakfast is a smoothie, followed by a shower and the regular attempt to tame the crazy, uncontrollable mess I refer to as my hair, and the unavoidable, frequently expletive-filled battle with my wardrobe.

Back to the study for a few minutes of reading over some notes, and then I set off for Uni at about 9.40. I am lucky enough to live a five-minute (maximum) walk from University so I would have to be pretty unorganised to be late to a class. The lecture, part of my Public Relations unit, is unfortunately on a relatively dry topic, but on the plus side, it finishes twenty minutes early. So home again I go, back to some more reading and a quick lunch.

I have a relatively large group of old friends who now attend the same Uni as me, and a few weeks ago myself and one of them went to visit some other friends of ours at their Uni – naturally sporting t-shirts emblazoned with our university name and mascot. So today, they return the favour – one of them wearing a newly purchased University hoodie. The obligatory competitive comments are made, furthering the mock rivalry we have established between our schools, and we spend some time together at a café on campus, until they leave to return for classes.

Once again I head home – becoming more and more aware of how lucky I am to live so close. More reading and note-taking. I have an online quiz to complete by midnight so all this work is last minute revision and consolidation of the content I need (aka, cramming). Then back to Uni at 3pm for a tutorial, again for PR.

Those two hours – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – comprise my entire Monday timetable for Uni (yes, incredibly stressful, isn’t it?) so at 4pm I’m done with classes for the day. Home again for MORE reading and note-taking, until about 4.45 when I decide it’s time to bite the bullet and take the test – which is multiple choice and only allocated ten minutes for completion. Once it’s done and I’ve clicked “Finish” I have the inevitable wave of panic that I am going to fail dismally, but there’s no time for wallowing in self-pity (which, by the way, is a major talent and hobby of mine) because it’s time for an early dinner.

On Monday nights, I umpire indoor netball matches from 6.20 until 9.00pm. The competition is a combination of mixed and women’s matches, and those evenings are a dreaded part of my week. Call me crazy, but being abused by middle aged men who are sweating profusely and bright red from (often balding) head to toe, just because you pulled them up for a footwork violation, isn’t exactly my favourite way of spending three hours. I am however, paid fairly well for it and at least I’m being mildly active whilst doing it so I’m sticking with it.

The games are unusually uneventful, with only one player out of the eight teams I umpire requiring a warning. Some people just take a little longer to grasp the concept that the umpires are in charge of the game, not them, and will protest and question every call made against them or their team, or every call NOT made against the opposition.

Once I finish my shift, I head home yet again for a cup of tea, a quick debrief with the family, an episode of The Cosby Show and now I find myself at the computer, attempting to recover Motzie from the cobwebbed corner I seem to have inadvertently shoved her into.

So, that’s a relatively average day in my life. Added diversity from the cross-institutional visit from my friends. Is my life that interesting? Not really. Do I like it? Hell yes.


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