Day Twenty Six – Your Week, In Great Detail

Again, these topics in the blogging challenge annoy me a little because I fail to see the enjoyment value in a run-down of my day to day life, but I am determined to complete this challenge so here we go.

For the purposes of this post, I am going to write about my ‘work’ week – beginning on Monday and ending last night. I have actually been uncharacteristically busy this week and, whilst it’s not all that interesting, at least I have something to write about other that “woke up, went to Uni, came home, ate, slept”.

Monday, as I mentioned in my last post, was not an average day at Uni, as we were visited by some friends for lunch; a welcome distraction from the test I had to sit that afternoon. Monday night was taken up by my regular umpiring shift, surprisingly civilised by usual standards.

On Tuesdays I have the same timetabled hours as Mondays, so I follow the same routine. Up earlier than necessary so that I can fit in a walk, get ready, off to Uni at 10am. Home again at 11, and this time my afternoon is spent watching Monsters Inc., the Disney-Pixar film which I have managed to make the subject of a major assessment. Any excuse to watch a kids’ film, hey? So I watch it through to get some ideas; whilst washing the dishes, sorting and folding the laundry and doing the ironing. Oh yes, my life is insane. Back to Uni at 3pm for a tutorial and home again for another view of the film and some note taking. On Tuesday nights I play netball with a team from Uni, so at 7pm I walk up to the courts. I had to take a hiatus from netball during Year 12, after having played it since I was about ten, and so I am incredibly glad to be playing again. It really is so much fun – our team, despite being put together at random and only some of the members knowing each other previously – play instinctively well together, and aside from one draw, we are so far undefeated. With another win under our belt, I head home again.

Wednesday is the last day of my Uni week (again, can’t you see how stressful my life is?) and I start at 11am, but again I rise with enough time for a jog before I get ready to go. I only have a single two-hour tutorial on Wednesday, which unfortunately tends to drag past, but I have a good group of people in the class that I sit with, and we tend to keep each other entertained. Once that’s over, I’m off home again for some more Monsters Inc. viewing. The assessment I’m working on is a 2000-word essay about communication in the workplace, and soon I have filled six pages of my exercise book with notes and possible plans. Next on the agenda is umpiring again; I have a trial shift at another netball centre, so despite the fact that it’s a miserable, cold, wet night, I’m in the car and out again. The shift goes really well; the staff and players are friendly, it’s more low-key and less competitive than my other place, and because the other umpire never turns up, I get a bonus on my pay. All in all, I come home rather happy.

On Thursday I get a call from the new netball centre to say they really liked me and would definitely welcome me back, so now I have a regular shift. Thursday’s task is to actually put pen to paper (or, fingers to keyboard) and begin writing this essay. Unfortunately, this is a task that proves to be much easier said than done, and I spend several hours labouring over it, struggling to even find an angle to take. Finally, after a bit of discussion with some classmates and some comparison of notes, I manage to figure out a tactic and, despite being unsure of whether I am fulfilling the criteria, launch myself into writing. I knock off 1000 words in an hour or two, and leave it there for the day. Thursday night’s activities consist of an information night for the children’s theatre company I volunteer with. I am not really required there, but it is good to touch base with the crew I haven’t seen for several months, since last year’s production finished. Home again and into bed.

I allow myself a bit of a sleep-in on Friday morning, but once I am up it is all systems go for essay writing. Now that I have made a good start, I am determined to get it finished today. Luckily, my work yesterday put me in good stead, and after a few hours work I have written just over 2000 words, printed and signed my cover sheet, and in doing so, completed Trimester 1 assignments for Contemporary Communication. Then Friday afternoon and evening I’m back to my social life; dinner, drinks and a few games of pool with a small group of friends. It’s a great night, just what I need to round off an uncharacteristically busy week.


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