Day Twenty Seven – Your Month, In Great Detail

First things first – yes, I have been effectively MIA for a while, but I was wanting to get May well and truly out of the way before tackling this blog topic. SO! Where to begin?

School-wise, Uni was still mostly great. A fair few assignments/tests/quizzes/essays/presentations etc came about last month but it wasn’t too bad all in all. A couple of them really gave me grief but I managed to surprise myself by overcoming them…though perhaps not without a few tears and tantrums (they’re not only for two-year-olds!), and my results were overall really pleasing. Went to a couple of extra-curricular events for Uni, ranging from a workshop on Twitter to a meeting with a PR Consultancy in the city to a pirate-themed, end of classes boat cruise aboard the Lady Cutler Showboat. So basically, it’s been keeping me busy, but I’m still enjoying it.

The end of May also brought about the end of classes for Trimester One, marked by a last minute rush of assessments and a wave of (albeit undeserved) relief that it was almost time for holidays. I’m currently enjoying my ‘study break’ which has so far consisted of seeing two shows (including the AMAZING Doctor Zhivago – Anthony Warlow = WOW!), catching up with friends, attending meetings, working, and otherwise doing anything that isn’t study.

Speaking of working, I continued my umpiring during May, including my trial and subsequent hiring by a new venue. So now I regularly umpire two nights a week, and I’m finally regaining my confidence after a long break from umpiring and a shaky restart to the job. Oh yeah players, I wouldn’t even try to abuse me now – I’m back in the game!

My season of playing netball wrapped up on the 26th of May as well. Our team were essentially a bunch of misfits – a few of the girls knew each other but we were actually thrown together in the first week of the season from the small number who actually turned up to play. And by some miracle, we played instinctively well together and even made it to the Grand Final…which we won!! It was great to be finally playing netball again after a long break from it last year, and we all went home that night smiling, with medals around our necks and the knowledge that we were already signed up for next Trimester.

I went to three parties last month (slightly down on my average from last year – ah, how I miss 18ths!). A cousin’s 21st in Canberra, a family friend’s 18th and another friend’s 19th. All very different but all enjoyable in their own way. It was also my Mum’s birthday in mid-May.

Phew! I think that’s about it. When I categorise and summarise it like that, it doesn’t seem like too much but trust me – I’ve been pretty darn busy! And things are not about to change, exams are next week and then holidays, but there’s still umpiring and babysitting duties, and an audition for a show, and then the next Uni Trimester, and everything else that seems to pop up out of nowhere.

So yes, in comparison to this time last year, I am ridiculously more busy. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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