A Terrible Affliction

So, it has been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post. I could give any number of excuses – I have indeed been fairly busy the last month or so – but to be totally honest, my tardiness has nothing to do with a jam-packed schedule. I have instead been suffering from a terrible affliction that has undoubtedly struck just about everyone who has had a pressing need to put pen to paper (or, fingers to keys). That’s right, I’ve been battling Writer’s Block.

Writer’s Block is a funny sensation. It always hits at the worst time; right when you have the least amount of energy to tackle it, or the greatest need for it to stay away. Somehow the same switch in your brain that tells you “right, it’s time for work” also decides “ah, let’s see what havoc we can wreak here”. It gets into your head and simply stops ideas in their tracks. You’ll get an idea; a stroke of genius, and begin to piece it into a sentence – and then you’ll hit a wall. Not only are you unable to continue with that thought, but you’ve forgotten what it was to begin with.

Writer’s Block has some serious long-term outcomes. It leads to frustration, procrastination and agitation, and if you’re anything like me, usually results in a toddler-esque tantrum in which everything aside from your own inabilities is blamed for your lack of productivity, including your work conditions, the weather and anybody in the near vicinity.

Of course, when it comes to Motzie, it is not absolutely essential that I overcome Writer’s Block. There won’t be any serious long-term harm if my blog doesn’t continue. But there is another side effect of this condition that I am always struck by – the accompanying guilt. Despite there being no pressing urgency for me to write another post, the time wasting that Writer’s Block leads me to always makes me feel that my time should be being spent more effectively.

It was a serious struggle to get this post up and running. In the time since I last wrote, a lot has happened and I have on occasion had a stroke of inspiration for a new post, but none of these ideas have made it past the first paragraph – or in some cases, even past the title. My draft folder is full of posts that consist of gems such as “Today I came across…”, “I was thinking that…” and “Something I’ve realised is…”.

Maybe it says something about me – that my ideas are meant to stay in my head and not be put into words. Maybe it just means that I’m lazy and undisciplined. But either way, I’m going to continue my research for a cure for Writer’s Block, because I’m not ready to let Motzie die just yet.


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