Research: an appeal for help!!

My mother (also an avid blogger) today introduced me to the idea of using a blog as a research and learning tool – that is, rather than presenting a finished piece as a blog post, encouraging interaction with readers by asking questions, leaving things open and appealing for help in achieving your goals.

So today I am going to put my trust in the powers of the internet and word of mouth, attempt to use my blog for this purpose. As part of my Journalism studies I am required to write a feature article, and I have decided to focus mine on the dynamics of professional development for teachers and in particular, the idea of ‘TeachMeets’.

If you’ve been referred to this blog I thank you for your effort, and I now have a request of you. If you are a teacher and have experienced a TeachMeet, I would love to hear your thoughts on the process and on professional development in general.

Anyone who is willing and able to answer a few of these questions, your efforts would be very much appreciated.

If you are happy to be quoted directly, please include your full name. This article is for assessment purposes rather than publication, but I may post the piece here on my blog at a later date.

And so, in hope and anticipation, THANK YOU!


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