An Open Letter to Review Australia

Dear Review Australia,

I would like to start by saying that I come in peace. I adore Review clothing. It is so feminine and classic and beautiful, in a timeless and elegant way that means it doesn’t date. I am trying to grow my collection and have worn your clothing to work, parties, family Christmas gatherings and even to the races.

I’ve had great experiences with Review sales people and I don’t feel intimidated in your stores like I do in many others.

Part of what I like so much about Review is that the vintage-inspired styles flatter so many different body shapes. As someone who has struggled with body image and with my weight, I love that I can go into a Review store and easily pick something out. The sizes are consistent and the shapes and cuts actually leave me with a lot of options – something I am not used to when shopping for clothes. I have come across a number of staff who are also a range of shapes and sizes and all look gorgeous in the clothing.

So it’s for this reason that it irks me to see all the promotional product shots with yet more long-legged, skinny, flat-chested models showing off Review lines. Of course, the garments look gorgeous. But it would make me so happy if someone a little closer to a size 12 – perhaps with slightly wider hips or a bit of cleavage – could be used to display the beautiful clothing as it looks on someone of a more ‘average’ shape.

'Behind the Scenes' at the latest Review photoshoot, via Review on Instagram.
‘Behind the Scenes’ at the latest Review photoshoot, via Review on Instagram.

I see myself as the average Review customer, but when I see the publicity images of your clothing I feel like I’m once again taking clothes made for skinny people and just trying to make them work for me. I’ve always felt that Review has a point of difference over their competitors by being so broadly inclusive, but by using the same look of model as every other brand, it would be easy for someone unfamiliar to the brand to dismiss it and miss out on the fun, classic and glamourous styles on offer.

I’m not saying Review should be marketed as a ‘plus size’ brand. That’s not the case at all. But I think you’d be surprised how well people would react to see someone a bit more on the curvy side still looking stunning in a Review dress.

Please don’t isolate an important part of your audience.

A proud Review Loyalty Club member


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