More about Motzie

A few years ago, I was procrastinating from study and set up a blog so I could write about topics that interested me…and more importantly, weren’t the same topics I was having to write essays about at the time.

That blog became Motzie.

Motzie is a place where I collect my thoughts, comment on the happenings of the day and try to articulate my feelings about the world around me.


3 thoughts on “More about Motzie

  1. Hey, Motzie:

    Your message disappeared somewhere in the wilds of my gmail account. When you have time, would you send me a quick email, and we can talk about your guest blogging?


    I’ll leave my junk email address here, but I’ll check it for the next few days to see if you’ve replied!


    1. Hi Jessica! I remember meeting you actually, we both went on the field trip to Fenton Communications – I’m the one who was waiting with you because we were both early!
      How did you come about my blog? I hope you can find something you like 🙂

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